What does Journal Solutions offer?

 Journal Solutions will provide a wide range of services to clients. Doing more with less is something every private practice would benefit from. Our primary focus is process improvement by helping practices deliver the best care while improving quality and efficiency. Service offerings would include: 

Workflow analysis

 We will focus on every facet of clinical operations from check-in to check-out. Our team will give a detail analysis of improvement skills to help improve performance. An easy workflow will enable the practice to see more patients and get patients in and out of the door quicker while providing high-quality care.  

Revenue analysis

 Revenue analysis is essential when cutting cost is not enough. Negotiating the right contract with your supply chain can help reduce non-salary expenses.  

Provide feedback on how to increase patient volume

 Our team will analyze your facility design and recommend best practices for efficiency.  

Assess practice’s point of care testing

 We’ll focus on recommended guidelines by the AAP and see where implementation can be made. 

Evaluate treatment and procedures offered

 Many practices are leaving money on the table by not doing simple procedures covered by most insurance or doing them and not billing for them. We will review every procedures done or that could be done at your practice and offer implementation strategies. 

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